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These are the virtues by which we practice law at KLF.  We serve clients who have been victimized by big business.  Whether the circumstances involve credit reporting errors, car purchases, or harassing cell phone calls, we provide aggressive rock-solid representation to our clients.  We treat all legal needs with the same particular care and attention that they deserve.

Class Action

KLF is engaged in the evaluation and institution of class action lawsuits in Philadelphia. In particular, complex civil litigation class action lawsuits involving both commercial transactions and consumer rights...


Credit Reporting Errors

Whether it is related to getting approved for loans, mortgages, tenancy, or even job opportunities – people want to know whether you are capable and have history of paying off your debts. As such, it is extremely important to ensure that the information on your credit report is complete..

Debt Collection Harassment

The law provides remedies for victims of unfair debt collection practices, including actual damages as well as compensation for the cost of filing a claim and attorney’s fees. Being hounded by debt collectors can take a substantial emotional and financial toll on victims..

Employment Background Checks

When applying for a job, employers often conduct background checks of prospective employees. It has been reported that approximately 93% of employers conduct criminal background checks for some applicants, and 73% of employers conduct criminal background checks...

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